バレエ・ダンス留学相談 バレエパスポ

留学 Support Program

 Study Abroad Support Program 





At Studio Marty, we have instructors and staff who have professional experience, study abroad experience, and active overseas ballet companies.Short-term study abroad, long-term study abroad, participation in summer & winter school, tailored to each purpose,Supports audition entry. 






For those who have used the "Ballet Paspo" service,

In addition to providing support on the path to study abroad, we also provide support when returning to Japan while studying abroad, and introductions and suggestions for work after returning to Japan.

We will support you so that you can continue to study ballet with peace of mind and that you will not have any anxiety when you return to Japan.


Introduction of long-term study abroad schools


We will propose a ballet school that suits your child's skills and direction, a long-term study abroad format, and support you for taking the exam.



Short-term study abroad




  • コンクールでスカラシップを受賞された方の学校とのやり取り代行可
  • 長期留学前の下見
  • 海外でのレッスン経験を積みたい方
  • 海外バレエ本場の雰囲気に触れたい方

 We will introduce and support plans for those who want to study overseas ballet in summer school or for a short period of time in a fixed number of days.


It is available for children and adults, professionals and amateurs alike.


  • Communication with the school of the person who won the scholarship at the competition is possible
  • Preview before long-term study abroad
  • Those who want to gain lesson experience overseas
  • Those who want to experience the authentic atmosphere of overseas ballet


Application DVD creation support



  • バレエ学校オーディション用
  • バレエ団オーディション用
  •  コンクール審査用

※ 撮影に向けてのレッスンご希望は、プライベートレッスンでサポート可能です。


We support choreography lessons for auditions, video, shooting, and editing for video screening.

  • For ballet school auditions
  • For ballet audition
  • For competition examination

 ※ If you would like a lesson for shooting,we can support you with a private lesson.


Application procedure support

  • 願書作成
  • オーディション書類作成
  • ビザ申請
  • 送金手続



  • Application creation
  • Audition document creation
  • Visa application
  • Remittance procedure

We will provide the application procedure in several plan packages.



Language support




We will support you in acquiring language skills at your desired study abroad destination.

We have a support program to help you acquire the vocabulary expression and reading skills required for lessons, as well as the language skills necessary for living your daily life at your study abroad destination.


private lesson










We support private lessons for application.

 In addition to regular lessons, you can choose variation lessons.

In addition to studio lessons, online lesson support for remote locations is also available.



★ Online private lessons

If you live in a remote place, you can also use the online lesson to check the swing and give guidance until the application video is shot.



Support for starting local life



  • 短期宿泊先手配代行
  • インターネット開設サポート
  • 銀行口座開設同行サポート ※
  • 携帯電話購入同行サポート ※
  • 現地語学学校手配代行(提携校)
  • 格安航空券/ホテルなどの手配代行
  • 海外携帯電話レンタル・携帯電話購入のご紹介 ※
  • 現地空港送迎手配代行

※ 同行サポートできないケースもございます。


We will give you advice and support so that you can start your life with peace of mind in the field.

  • Short-term accommodation arrangement agency
  • Internet opening support
  • Bank account opening accompanying support *
  • Mobile phone purchase accompanying support *
  • Local language school arrangement agency (affiliated school)
  • Arrangement agency for cheap flights / hotels, etc.
  • Introduction of overseas mobile phone rental and mobile phone purchase *
  • Local airport transfer arrangement agency

* In some cases, we may not be able to support you.



Support when returning to Japan











We will support your life when you return to Japan during the off-season while studying abroad or belonging to a ballet company.


We also support local ballet companies and after-careers after graduating from school.

We propose jobs that can make use of the technology, knowledge, and experience gained locally.

Take lessons

Studio rental as a voluntary training

Lesson instructor part-time job in Japan

Gala concert appearance and stage appearance