Ballet Paspo

Study Abroad Agency for Aspiring Dancers

from Japan to the World


Many instructors and staff at Studio Marty have amazing experiences dancing in different countries as a professional, trainee, and/or student. We assist dancers who are eager to learn ballet in their desired destinations. Want to participate in a summer intensive? Need a video shooting for your audition? We are here to help you achieve your goals. 


Our program does not end when you have accepted to your dream ballet school. We can offer you a soild support for your temporary return to Japan. We will also assist you in finding jobs in Japan after finising school. It is important for us that you can concentrate in your training and that you do not have to worry about extra things.




Coming soon!

Past Workshops

Special Workshops for those who are interested in dancing in different coutries!!



[Day 1] February 23rd, 2020        Open at 12:30     Start at 13:00


[Day 2] February 27th, 2020        Open at 12:30     Start at 13:00



Saya Ikeda

Ayu Kinoshita

Rina Murata 


These amazing instructors are dancers who have trained/ performed outside of Japan. 



Schools for long-term study

We will suggest which ballet school would be best for each dancer, considering their desires and levels. 


Check the links below to explore what schools are there in those countries! 





Short-term study programs 

Short-term study program is for those who would like to participate in a summer intensive and who are interested in taking classes for a certain time of period. This program is for everyone from kids to adults, from beginners to pre-professional levels.


Contact us if...

  • you need someone communicating with a ballet school on behalf of you or your child
  • you need a support for a short trip before attending to your school
  • you are interested in taking classes in a different country
  • you would like to go to countries where ballet is highly appreciated


Making videos for your audition

We will support your process of making videos for the auditions by providing lessons, taking videos, and editing them. 


  • Audition for ballet schools
  • Audition for ballet companies
  • Competitions 

There will be private lessons for shooting if needed.




Application submission

We can provide some help for...

  • completing an application form
  • completing documents for auditons
  • applying Visa
  • sending fees to schools/companies

We have several plans to offer. Please contact us if you have any questions.



Language support

We offer you a launguage support program for the language you need. From vocabulary you need in classes to idioms you would like to know for a daily life, we are here to provide you what you need. 




Private lessons

We provide you some private lessons before submitting your application in order to prepare for a video shooting. 


You can take variation lessons if you wish in addition to regular lessons. Depending on your location, you have options for your lessons, in person or online. We would like to make sure you feel you are fully  supported. 






Support at your destination

We want to make sure you have nothing to worry about when you arrived in your destination. 


  • Booking hotels for your short stays or first few days
  • Opening a local bank account*
  • Purchesing a phone*
  • Applying for a local language school
  • Booking cheap flights/ hotels
  • Driving from the airport to a place for stay

*We might not be able to support you in person. Please contact us for more details.




Support for your returning

We can offer you support while you are back home during your vacation and/or after you graduate from school.


We will be able to assist you in finding the followings;


  • Classes to take
  • Studio spaces to rent
  • Classes to teach
  • Performance opportunities




What We Could Possibly Provide You After Your Returning...

  • Workshops and special classes for you to teach 
  • Performance opportunities in Japan
  • Feedback on your choreography
  • Regular classes for you to teach

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